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Sunset Lines

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(800×500 19kb). My latest attempt at art, haha! I sort of dreamed this picture, and tried it out the next day. Not perfect but it does have something of my dream image so it’s not a total loss.

I had a weird experience with my computer … to tell it all would be a very long story. And it’s not easy to compress it. So suffice it to say it died yesterday and I thought I’d need a new motherboard (based on previous experience when my mother’s pc died 3 weeks ago). Turns out there’s nothing wrong with the motherboard, there was “dust” on the RAM. Whatever. Also, big revelation is that my mother’s pc also did not get a new motherboard (as they said), so we had waited two weeks for them to blow the “dust” off the RAM. And then they lied about it. I’m not very impressed with Computer Corporation at the moment.

That said, I’m not quite buying the “dust” story either. I have computers here that are 5 and 6 years old and none of them has ever just refused to start due to dust. ( I also maintained computer labs on campus a few years go, and I saw a lot of weird hardware problems, but never this.) But these two, both just over a year old, stopped working in the exact same way less than three weeks apart. Fishy? In both cases the tech person had reset the system clock in the process off blowing the “dust” off the RAM. Why do I get the feeling there’s a little timer chip on these fancy Asus boards that stops them working just past their warranty has expired? Or am I just paranoid?

I’ll save my rant about Linux for another post :-)

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