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Quick Update

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I was typing a post yesterday and between two keystrokes my pc just rebooted. So I lost the post and any inclination to re-type it. I seem to be stuck in a 3-day (so far) headache, and my vitamin miracle cure doesn’t work. Aspirin and other pain medication also makes no difference, so I’m hurting and grumpy and negative about everything, sorry.

My mom is much better, but still taking it easy. She’s got a nice horseshoe-shaped bruise on her calf muscle, which is of course very stiff and sore. I got some massage oil for stiff muscles but it remains to be seen if it helps.

I rode Puzzle again on Thursday morning. Nice enough except that when we were leaving the arena, I wasn’t concentrating on where he was going and he cut a corner and smashed my left knee into the gate post. My own silly fault. Nice big bruise too!

I’m trying out Semagic as a blog client, but I think I’ll be looking further because it also doesn’t give the option to add meta tags to a post. Why is that such a rare thing? Also, where are my categories? I’m thinking Semagic was developed for LiveJournal and when I used it before on LJ it worked nicely. But perhaps it’s not really interfacing well with WordPress.

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