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Is it a train?

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(800×600 95kb). Be sure to view the full picture, the thumbnail is really bad! It’s a “train” of hairy worms making their way across the pavement. There must be 20 or more in the row, and they went all over, following the leader. Finally they “parked” next to each other, and one of the dogs stepped on them. A train disaster of major proportions.

Speaking of disasters, my mom rode Royal Dust on Friday. Royal is a thoroughbred living next door. Everything went well up until Royal suddenly bolted. Mom held on until it was clear that Royal was heading for bushes and rocks and then she let go and fell off. Hit her head on a rock, squashed her right hip rather badly and to top it all, Royal stepped on her right leg as she went by. Not nice at all. But she’s recovering, slowly and painfully. This does spell the end of riding thoroughbreds for the both of us, though. They need experienced riders. If I was on Royal, I would have fallen off too. It’s like we were trying to drive Formula 1 racing cars before knowing how to drive at all. I’ll keep going for lessons on the Boer ponies but I don’t think Mom will ride again. But time will tell.

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