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Horseshoe Falls

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(800×600 115kb). The Horseshoe Falls near Sabie, Mpumalanga, South Africa. I’ve seen them much more spectacular after three weeks of constant rain, but given a very dry season this year, they’re still impressive.

A big culprit for the decline in the waterfalls (apart from the drought) is of course the plantations in the catchment areas. All those trees come from countries with very high rainfall, so they use a lot up a lot of water. But at least the trees in the plantations are being used to make paper and timber. I get rather upset about wild stands of invading trees. I really think people have a responsibility to clear out invading plants, since the plants have no natural enemies here and it’s humans who brought them here in the first place. Humans who now moan about the fact that their streams are drying up and their borehole water levels are dropping.

Ok, off the soap box!

I’m still taking it easy on my blue ankle. This is bad, because I’m sitting around, eating stuff, and not getting exercise. I’m missing the horses!

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